To some it is just a buzzword, a concept that is hard to pin down. For ACDI/VOCA, resilience is concrete. We see it, and seek to empower it, every day. Communities and people that have suffered shocks—economic, social, physical, or environmental—must learn to adapt and move forward. Many who struggle to feed their families, who are marginalized or oppressed, need to build and trust in their own resilience. At ACDI/VOCA, resilience is not something we aspire to; it is a foundational value and part of everything we do. Innovative, adaptive, and versatile, we marshal our resilience to help others discover and develop theirs.

( Cover photo by ACDI/VOCA volunteer photographer Nevil Jackson, who met project participant Elinesi Mpyanga, a farmer and village-based agricultural advisor, while on assignment in Tanzania in the summer of 2019.)

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