Volunteering is foundational to ACDI/VOCA. Since 1971, we have mobilized more than 12,000 volunteers to 130 developing countries to support agribusinesses, food security, social inclusion, and community resilience. We continue to offer highly skilled volunteer assistance to farmers, NGOs, cooperatives, businesses, and universities through the USAID-funded Farmer-to-Farmer Program in Eastern Europe, Caucasus, and Central Asia as well as other USAID programs in Tanzania, Bangladesh, Laos, and Honduras.

Volunteer Corine Quarterman (above), of Vermont, led a course on innovative business models for family farms and small businesses in the Kyrgyz Republic. Working with Osh Technological University, she taught business planning, cost accounting, and farm management, drawing on her 35 years of experience as a business owner.

“Business planning helped me to secure a student exchange trip to Barcelona, which, in turn, led to my job at a commercial bank in Kyrgyzstan. Corine’s workshop was a steppingstone in my life.”

— Eliza Alimbaeva, a participant of a volunteer-led workshop

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