• 12 members representing a cross-section of the organization, coming from various departments, job roles, levels of seniority; members have diverse backgrounds • AdVocate Group meets regularly with executive-level Sponsor Group

SAFE & INCLUSIVE WORK ENVIRONMENT DEFINITIONS ACDI/VOCA is committed to creating and maintaining a culture of safety and inclusion for all based on shared ownership and responsibility across the organization, regardless of position or title. Check out the definitions below:


We made DEI one of the central tenets of our strategic plan and set out milestones to reach in the next few years, as well as some longer-term goals for 2030, which include the development of internal metrics and reporting, an annual audit related to the Pledge for Racial & Ethnic Equity in Development, and the attainment of external certifications and recognitions that acknowledge the inclusive nature of our workplace.

To that end:

  • Members of the AdVocate Group onboard all new employees and share information about our DEI efforts
  • We apply a DEI lens to organizational policy development and revision
  • We’ll be launching organization-wide mandatory DEI training for all employees, including our Board of Directors

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