Support of the Coalition for Racial and Ethnic Equity in Development’s Pledge, 2021-present

We’ve been involved in the formulation and launch of the Pledge for Racial & Ethnic Equity in Development since 2021. The Pledge is an initiative of the Coalition for Racial & Ethnic Equity in Development (CREED).

Our President & CEO Sylvia Megret and Vice President of Gender & Social Inclusion Jenn Williamson were among several Core Team members who helped formulate and vet the Pledge, its glossary, and Frequently Asked Questions.

ACDI/VOCA also supported the communications launch of the pledge and Senior Director of Communications Meg Weaver continues to provide strategic and social media support to CREED itself.

> Link to CREED Website

We’re rolling out the Pledge within our organization and our CEO has signed it. Tanager, our affiliate, has also signed the pledge. Our DEI Employee Resource Group known as AdVocate supports our signing of the Pledge. We’re aligning the Pledge with our own DEI initiatives for this year and beyond. It’s time to operationalize it. What’s great about the Pledge is that it is a living, breathing guidance document, meant to meet organizations where they are in their journeys to enhanced DEI practices and processes. It’s flexible and responsive. It works for big companies as well as small, for-profit and not-for-profit.

CREED also hosts a Learning Hub on its website where signatory organizations share resources and connect, all in the interests of furthering racial & ethnic equity within our organizations, our industry, and beyond.

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