ACDI/VOCA helps businesses and industries respond to opportunities in both domestic and export markets through investments, partnerships, and market access. To facilitate competitiveness, we:

Click button to view case study We help buyers and suppliers identify opportunities and constraints through research on trade, production, and systems analysis.

Click button to view case study We promote the growth of enterprise by helping businesses receive financing and helping financial institutions and investors improve and expand their offerings. Our subsidiary AV Ventures invests in small- and medium-sized enterprises that otherwise struggle to access growth capital.

Click button to view case study We foster a dialogue between industry and government leaders at the national and local levels to improve policies affecting women, youth, and other groups.

Click button to view case study We seek to understand businesses before deploying a diverse set of private sector engagement tactics and tools. Our approach builds partnerships that develop, test, and adapt new technologies and business models designed to create lasting market-based solutions to development challenges.

“You guys have done an incredible job in translating these ideas into reality, building trust and partnerships with key private sector firms and introducing and testing innovative business models and I strongly believe that these interventions will transform the way companies and agribusinesses do business in Bangladesh."
-Anar Khalilov, USAID/Bangladesh

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