ACDI/VOCA considers achieving gender equality, female empowerment, and the inclusion of marginalized groups as essential to creating inclusive market and food systems. The participation of these groups expands markets, introduces new products and services, and strengthens supply chains. Their diverse perspectives enhance problem-solving and risk management in the market and across the community. To facilitate inclusivity, we:

Click button to view case study We conduct market research, build a business case, and provide economic incentives for the private sector to work with marginalized groups, helping them see the opportunities in reaching new customers and suppliers.

Click button to view case study We use social research and behavior change methods to influence unwritten community rules that prevent certain groups from participating and benefitting.

Click button to view case study We deliver workforce development programs, support women and youth entrepreneurs, and train farmer cooperatives and associations to strengthen group connections, marketing, and the quality of goods and services.

“I am really impressed with the quality of firms that you have been able to attract and select. Its great to see these firms reaching out to marginalized communities, and conflict affected communities to source products”
– Matt Curtis, Feed the Future Coordinator, USAID/Myanmar

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