ACDI/VOCA works to improve nutrition and food security outcomes by improving food availability, access, desirability, and safety in local food systems via increasing food production, enhancing the processing, marketing, and trade of food, and building consumer demand for nutritious diets. We partner with actors across the food system to positively impact food security and meet the nutritional needs of households. Our work spans across the food system from producer to consumer, including food processing, marketing and trade, and food retailing.

Click button to view case study We work with farmers and agribusinesses to enhance the quantity and nutritious quality of production to increase the consumption and sale of nutritious commodities.

Click button to view case study We partner with businesses along the food chain, such as wholesalers, vendors, and food processors, to reduce loss and increase the safety, nutrient content, and sale of foods in rural marketplaces. Through local policy work and capacity development of rural market actors, we establish an enabling environment for a food system that promotes the sale of safe, nutritious foods.

Click button to view case study We engage communities and public and private sector actors to increase demand for and consumption of nutritious diets by target populations by changing behaviors, improving knowledge, and enhancing women’s agency.

"[The Bangladesh LPIN project] is very important to the community. People are gaining new information on cattle management, their incomes are increasing, and people are able to purchase more nutritious food. Milk production is increasing, and people can consume this milk to ultimately improve their health"
- Livestock producer

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