This report was prepared by ACDI/VOCA's Christine McClung, technical specialist of Partnerships and Investments, and informed and guided by Paul Newall, associate director of Partnerships and Investments, through the Feed the Future Bangladesh Rice and Diversified Crop Activity. We would also like to acknowledge with much appreciation the crucial role of Mayaz Kabir, market systems manager of ICT & Finance, and Bidowra Khan, team leader and support of Market Systems and Social Inclusion, who lead the Activity's access to finance work. Their collaboration, hard work, and diligence made the findings of this report possible. We sincerely thank them for collecting data, interviewing key financial sector players, conducting multiple reviews of the report, and providing necessary on-the-ground knowledge. This report would not be possible without their significant efforts. We also want to thank our Activity donor, USAID, and partners, Bank Asia, BRAC Bank, and City Bank, who worked closely with our team to inform elements of our resiliency assessment. Their contributions and collaborative partnerships are gratefully acknowledged.

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